Finding your way to sustainability

Your partner for sustainable energy

Water and energy 
represent critical concerns for societies worldwide.

During his work in Ethiopia, Timothée Dupaigne observed how they are bonded within geothermal resources in the East-African Rift.

Recognizing the potential of geothermal energy to address significant portions of global heat and electricity needs, Water Geothermal Sustainability emerged as a consultancy company in France in 2023.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality services in geology and hydrogeology.

Leveraging these scientific disciplines to support projects that foster equitable development through the utilization of green energy and improved access to water.

Geology and hydrogeology, backed by extensive field observations, serve as crucial pillars in our approach.

These scientific disciplines not only contribute to sustainable water supply but also play a vital role in the exploration and harnessing of geothermal resources. By combining our expertise in these fields, Water Geothermal Sustainability is dedicated to making a positive impact on the intersection of energy, water, and sustainable development.

Water Geothermal Sustainability proposes consultancy services in geology and hydrogeology :

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