Timothée Dupaigne acquired his skills in hydrogeology in three very different types of geographical contexts: Ethiopia, New Caledonia and France.


These three environments allowed him to observe various features and treat different problematics. 

The expertise of Water Geothermal Sustainability (WGS) directly results from this long experience

Hydrogeology in sedimentary rocks
water resources follow-up, supervision and management
Geothermal resources assessment
Geothermal projects conceptualization
water supply in urban and rural areas 
water works in remote context (spring catchment and drilling)
Natural risks
Environmental impact assessments
Surface water management
Igneous rocks 

Working with private and industrial companies, 

Water Geothermal Sustainability (WGS) knows how to identify problematics and answer efficiently and accurately.

Water Geothermal Sustainability (WGS) provides top quality follow-up of the projects.

Working with public entities and communities,

Water Geothermal Sustainability (WGS) knows to investigate in an exhaustive manner and to serve public interests.

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